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5 Best Tennessee State Parks for RV Rentals

5 Best Tennessee State Parks for RV Rentals

So, you’ve decided to trek out on the open road with a rental RV! On your way to see the world’s largest brick and world’s largest Jack in the Box, consider the following information if you find yourself in Tennessee state parks. Let Nashville RV show you the way in one of our new Tennessee RV rental fleet units to any of these great Tennessee parks! (more…)

RV Rental Guide to a Great Family Vacation

RV Rental Guide to a Great Family Vacation

Rental RVs are a great choice for family vacations and the Nashville RV Rental Guide shows why. All the sites you see on the road easily entertain young children for hours, and the cost is a lot less than other vacation choices. There are many different RVs to choose from if you’re looking to pack the entire family in a house on wheels, and we’re going to show you how to pick the right one. Depending on how much you want to drive and how far you’re going, it may be best to rent the RV closer to the destination instead of driving the entire distance. At Nashville RV we’re minutes away from the airport and conveniently located near major sites to see in Nashville and Franklin… and more! (more…)

Things to Know About Motorhome Rental in Tennessee

A Nashville RV or motorhome rental is a great option for family vacation and trip. Using a motorhome rental provides you with the extra space that your family needs while traveling without the expensive costs of hotels. It is a great alternative to camping or staying in hotels and can save you money on your vacation. However, before you rent an RV, you should know about RV rentals. Here are some things that you need to know about an RV rental in Tennessee (or across the US): (more…)

Top 5 Tips Reporting RV Insurance Claims

Top 5 Tips Reporting RV Insurance Claims

RV insurance is important if you’ve ever rented an RV. You know that insurance plays a large part of being safe and secure while you travel and vacation with your family. Your homeowners insurance and vehicle insurance will only cover so much, if any, so be aware of your RV rental insurance needs prior to hitting the road. (more…)

10 Reasons to Rent an RV This Summer

10 Reasons to Rent an RV This Summer

campfire-partyRent an RV this summer to bring your family together and create some of the greatest vacation memories. You’ll have the freedom to travel and visit some of the most beautiful spots our great nation has to offer.

The staff at Nashville RV got together to come up with the top 10 reasons to rent an RV, as well, polls to our customers coming off the road. So here they are, Nashville RV’s top ten lists on why you should rent an RV for your family vacation this summer:

1: Rent an RV to Bring Families Together For Long Trips

Whether you’re a new family or you’re kids are starting to get a little older – we all have that need to connect and bring families together – and the best way to do that is on vacation. Better yet, traveling together in an RV is even better as no one is crammed in the backseat of a car or the need to stop for a restroom every hour or so.

2: Spouse Doesn’t Like Camping? They Would in an RV!

To those people who don’t like the idea of camping, an RV is a great way to get everyone out into nature or to visit national parks and monuments. The common complaint from people who don’t like camping is that camping is dirty, no where to bathe, no bathroom, the fear of bugs in their tent. By renting an RV, you still get to experience nature, hiking, togetherness as a family while providing the comforts of home.

Renting an RV is the best way for the person who doesn’t like camping or has never camped before to go with the flow and be part of the action. Today’s RVs have a multitude of amenities including:

  1. Full bathrooms with hot water showers
  2. Stove with Oven
  3. Microwave and/or Convection Ovens
  4. Refrigerators with Freezers
  5. Tons of Storage Space
  6. Large screen TV (some with satellite connections)
  7. Seat belts for all passengers while traveling

3: Rent an RV Before You Buy

Thinking of buying an RV, but not sure what you’d be comfortable in? Try renting an RV before you buy one. Its much the same before you buy a car. While a test drive can give you the feel for the RV, actually using the RV for a few days can really give you insight to what you and your family would be looking for. Maybe you would prefer a smaller Class C motor-home versus a Class A. Or if you prefer gas over diesel – or simply like the idea of a large diesel pusher to accommodate your entire family and having tons of storage space for those long trips to national parks?

4: Storage, Storage and more Storage

If you love to head out with your family on vacation and love the idea of pulling into a campground and not having to run to the store for anything, an RV is perfect for your family camping. All of our RV’s at Nashville RV come with tons of storage for you to take just about anything with you on your road trip. From Class A motor coaches down to travel trailers, there is numerous storage spots throughout to save you time and money. Consider entering a campground and forgetting a few things at home; you’d need to pack up camp and head out to a store. Not in an RV or travel trailer. Due to the large storage spaces, you only leave camp when you want to – not when you have to.

5: Avoid the long lines & crowds at airports

Considering flying to a family reunion or other destination in the US? Why fly and wait in long lines for check-in and TSA security lines when you can bypass all that mayhem and motor on at your leisure?
Plus, the savings from having to buy airline tickets, then of course… what if you get bumped from your flight – or the flight is too packed? Renting an RV keeps you out all lines as you’ll discover in the next set of top tips.

6: Freedom to travel to multiple destinations in an RV rental

Using an RV for your vacation only makes sense. It’s like renting a car, but having the ability to stop and see things you’d otherwise miss. Introduce your family to the open road and the excitement of what the next town up ahead has to offer. Keeping your family involved in the travel and letting them pick another destination will definitely keep their interests while you travel.

7: When there are no hotels nearby

Rent an RV this summer and you’ll experience life on the open road with room to park and drive where you want. If you decide to travel into the Blue Ridge Mountains and want to camp, just pull into a campsite or your land and set up. In less time than it takes to check-in at a hotel, you can have your RV set for camping, awning out, chairs set up and not have to worry if the maid really cleaned your room…

8: Travel at your own pace. On your own time

Have you ever traveled by car when you were a kid. In the backseat, bored, wedged in with coolers and your kid sister? Rent an RV this summer and you’ll discover the large amount of spacious interior RVs are equipped with. Not to mention gaming systems and consoles, ginormous LED televisions, full kitchens and baths! Give your family a vacation to remember as you travel our great nation.

9: Boondocking Tryout

Have you heard about “boondocking”? It’s not the latest craze as its been around the RV community for over 60 years. A widely held secret that more people are beginning to understand and enjoy with their RV rental. Boondocking is simply camping without hookups (water/electricity). Boondocking is also called “dry camping”. You can park your RV wherever there’s space without worrying if you have enough water or power. All Class A and Class B RVs come with potable water tanks and battery power. Some even have solar power to extend the length of time you decide to camp off the grid.

10: Great Customer Support

Nashville RV provides great customer support through the duration of your rental and beyond. When you rent an RV from us, we provide 24 hour customer service to answer any question or to walk you through how to do anything with your RV. Whether it’s how to operate the slide to give you tons more room in the RV to using the auto leveling feature to ensure your RV is perfectly placed.

You can also visit our YouTube channel and watch our “How To” RV videos. We put together one of the largest video channels on YouTube to help our customers get more familiar with their RV rental.

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What is a Temporary Housing RV Rental?

What is a Temporary Housing RV Rental?

A disaster can strike at any time. Mother nature can be ferocious and when she takes away your home and possessions, we’ve found our clients would prefer to be on-site picking up the pieces. If your family has been displaced by a fire, flood, hurricane or other natural disaster trust that Nashville RV can provide temporary RV housing rental units delivered right to your address.

Nashville RV can immediately deliver a fully equipped, temporary housing RV rental which will include:

  • Hook ups for shore power and fresh water
  • Onboard generator to power your RV in case of power outages; which can continue to occur in areas devastated by tornadoes and flooding. While you may not have electrical service on site via the power company, you can produce your own electricity using our generators.
  • Our kitchens includes full refrigerators, freezers, microwaves and stoves with ovens!
  • Fresh water tanks large enough to support a family of 4 for quite a few days
  • Full Bathroom with Shower
  • Queen sized beds in the master suites
  • Hook ups for shore power and water
  • Heating and Air Conditioning
  • Comfortable beds with a sleeping capacity of up to 8 per motorhome.
  • Large flat screen televisions, DVD players and more
  • We know that its tough to think about the essentials when things seem hectic. Nashville RV has taken care to include dishes, cutlery and linens for your temporary RV rental.

Nashville RV is a registered RV rental company with FEMA. We can also work with your insurance company so you can focus on the more important issues; your family.

Renovating and Living on Site in a Temporary RV

When renovating your home and you need a temporary housing solution, consider renting an RV! Sleeping in your car should not be an option! Have all the conveniences of home while you rebuild your home.

Nashville RV has a temporary RV housing rental solution for you! Whether you need a temp RV for a long term construction rental, or you’re in need of housing for a home improvement project, we can have an RV delivered to you faster than you expect.

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Temporary Housing RV Rental

What is Temporary Housing RV Rental