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Optional Equipment

We offer much more to help assist our customers in every aspect of their vacation

At Nashville RV, we know that it’s not always about the destination…getting there is half of the fun! We offer an assortment of accessories to help take care of the small stuff so you and your family can be busy making memories.

Check out our accessories

Kitchen Kits - $75.00 / Trip

Pots, Pans & Bowls
6 Plates, glasses, & utensils
Knife Set
Coffee Maker & toaster
Spatulas, can opener, & hot pads
Dish towels & dish rack

Generator 4000W - $29.95 / Day

Generators are a necessity for travel trailers when not plugging into a campground. Different sizes available depending on your power needs.

Propane BBQ Grill - $17.50 / Trip

Our Propane Grills are efficient, yet still big enough to cook burgers for the whole family.
Don’t forget your 6′ table as well!
Includes 1 tank of Propane

Wifi Hotspot* - $29.00/Trip

Wanting to keep up with work while on the road, or just want to keep up with your favorite show? We now offer Wifi Hotspots that can be installed in any of our units (includes 1GB of data)

Linen Kits - $75.00/Trip

Settings For up to 6 People. Every item is always freshly laundered and tucked away in a cabinet waiting for the evening

Bike Racks - $20.00/Trip

What a great way to get around the camp-ground, or takeoff to see the sites. You don’t have to leave your bikes behind (holds 3 bikes)

Camp Chairs & 1 Table - $20.00/trip

Nothing greater than sitting, listening to a fire crackle and watching stars twinkle.

Car Seat - $20.00/Day

Traveling with car seats can be tough, that’s why we offer both infant and toddler car seats. State laws are the same in both cars and RVs